Aksel (akselav) wrote in lesbiangeeks,

Geeky Stuff for Sale

Since we're geeks, and lots (although by no means all) geeks like D&D -- I'm moving to another country this summer, and I'm trying to 1) raise money for moving and 2) minimize the stuff I have to take.

So, I'm selling various bits of stuff. Right now I'm mostly limiting it to my D&D books (not all of them, but all of my 2nd edition collection) and some computer games. There might be more coming up which is of geeky interest (like some programming manuals for C and C++, etc.)

So, here is the Excel spreadsheet which has the stuff I'm currently selling, and what the *original* price or estimated original price, is. What I'm asking is that anyone interested contact me at phurrball.at-gmail-dot.com (removing the anti-spam measures) and let me know what they want, and how much they're offering for it. After a week or two I'll contact the "winners" and arrange shipping (which the "winner" has to pay for).

And if this is totally non-acceptable in this community, lemme know and I'll refrain from advertising whatever else of my stuff I decide to get rid of :)

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